Xinapse Begins Global Expansion

Xinaps a Korean generative artificial intelligence startup, is planning to enter the U.S. market.

Xinapse's AI voice technology includes AI voice for corporate services in fields such as the metaverse, audiobook, TV commercial, news, and navigation guides through AI voice variation technology. New to the company is HyperReal Voice, a cloud-based AI voice content generator.

"HyperReal Voice is software for professionals that can easily and quickly create customized AI virtual voice content. Customers can easily create natural, human-like, hyper-realistic AI voices by simply entering text. If necessary, customers can create completely new and never-existed voice by adjusting various voice characteristic factors or synthesizing the voices of several people into one to create a unique voice for the company. Even the voice of the deceased can be reproduced. It has been applied to various industries such as animation, TV commercials, audiobooks, metaverses, and broadcasting media," said Dong-Won Joo, CEO of Xinapse, in a statement.

In addition to the United States, Xinapse is building a presence in Vietnam, with aims to develop and scale local Vietnamese speech data while providing job opportunities for Vietnamese people.

In the future, through AI voice technology research, the company plans to launch services with partners in industries such as audiobook, advertisement/marketing, and music.

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