VoxEQ Perfects Age-From-Voice Prediction

VoxEQ, a provider of artificial intelligence tools to understand the person behind the voice, now offers age-from-voice prediction that it says is twice as accurate as other solutions on the market.

"The use of voice biometrics and biomarkers has become a mainstay with large banks, insurers, online platforms, and others fighting fraud, account takeover, and identity theft," said Jack Caven, CEO of VoxEQ, in a statement. "Our clients and partners tell us that improving accuracy is not only critical to achieve the underlying goal of catching fraudsters before they cause harm, but that the cost of poor accuracy on customer experience, call center operations, and brand is unsustainably high."

VoxEQ layers two unique features on top of its core capabilities: Dynamic Confidence, a determination based on unique factors of each voice occurrence, such as the quality of the signal, that informs a broader or narrower range of conviction for the insight provided, and Customized Acuity, a feature that allows clients to adjust the tool's sensitivity.

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