Speech in Healthcare to Grow 14.7 Percent Through 2030

InsightAce Analytic expects the global market for voice technologies in healthcare to grow by 14.7 percent per year through 2030.

Voice technology, the firm says, is the future of the healthcare industry, playing roles in a variety of healthcare procedures, from handling follow-up calls to medical triage, booking appointments, and even diagnosis. The healthcare industry is continually progressing toward better patient care with digital solutions, it says.

The growth is being fueled by advances in digital technologies, increasing need for improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes, rising government funding, InsightAce says in its report, noting growing research activity and collaborations among pharmaceutical and software companies. At the same time, though, it says that the high cost of voice-enabled smart devices is expected to hamper market growth.

Major market players in the voice technology in healthcare market include Ava, Aural Analytics, CardioCube, Cogito, Cognoa, conversation healt, HEALTHYMIZE, Corti, NeuroLex Laboratories, Orbita, Pillo, PeakProfiling, ResApp Health, Sensely, Sonde Health, Kencor Health, Winterlight Labs, Vocalis Health, VocaliD, Saykara, Sopris Health, and Zealth, accorcding to the report.

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