Canary Adds Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Integration

Through a partnership with Microsoft, Canary Speech is applying artificial intelligence voice analysis technology to address a variety of mental health challenges and enable early intervention and scale remote patient monitoring solutions. As part of the collaboration, Canary Speech has become a Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare co-sell partner and will use Microsoft Azure as its cloud solution to extend its machine learning speech models to new customers.

Canary's captures and analyzes critical data using AI to examine speech biomarkers. Partners can configure the Canary Speech app to capture additional data points in addition to the voice recording/analysis. Microsoft customers can access and scale Canary AI vocal insights through its integration with Microsoft Teams.

"Canary Speech continues to pioneer the path in creating, validating, and commercializing speech as a biomarker in a way that is transformative for patients and clinicians," said Henry O'Connell, co-founder and CEO of Canary Speech, in a statement. "We believe that Microsoft's world-class cloud infrastructure and global reach and scale, combined with our ML and AI expertise, creates truly next generation solutions."

"AI is helping to empower healthcare providers by automating tasks, transforming unstructured forms of data into structured formats, gleaning patient insights, and supporting clinicians in delivering personalized patient care," said Dr. David Rhew, global chief medical officer and vice president of healthcare at Microsoft, in a statement. "Canary Speech is applying AI to enable voice to serve as a biometric, which could potentially aid in the screening and monitoring of medical conditions. We are pleased to work with Canary to help transform care through AI technology that can make a positive impact on the industry and patient outcomes."

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