Archieboy Launches AuthorVoice.ai

Archieboy Holdings has introduced AuthorVoices.ai, a platform for audiobook production that leverages voice generation technology developed by ElevenLabs.

"With AuthorVoices.ai, we are enabling storytellers to narrate their books in their own voice or choose from a variety of professionally cloned voices," said Bo Bennett, founder of authorvoices.ai, in a statement. "We have streamlined the creation of audiobooks using AI technology. This platform is a game-changer for authors and the publishing industry."

For those who want to narrate their books in their own voices, AuthorVoices.ai also offers a voice-cloning feature. Users can clone and utilize their own voices to lend a truly personal touch to their audiobooks.

"When I first played around with this AI technology, I was in awe of what it could do. As a narrator of over a dozen books, I knew immediately this would change everything. I dropped every project I was working on to build AuthorVoices.ai," Bennett said. "It was the missing piece that connected this amazing AI voice technology to the streamlined creation of audiobooks."

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