Deepdub Launches Deepdub GO

Deepdub, an audiovisual dubbing and language localization company, has launched Deepdub GO, an artificial intelligence-powered audio-video localization and creation platform. Deepdub GO expands video localization to a wide range of industries outside of the entertainment industry.

"The vast majority of content today can only be viewed by a tiny sliver of the world's population," said Ofir Krakowski, CEO and co-founder of Deepdub, in a statement. "There's tremendous value that can be unlocked by bringing educational, business, and human interest content to a global audience. While auto-generated subtitles help, they aren't engaging, aren't accessible to many, and are entirely unsuited for many forms of content like, for example, fitness videos."

The new Deepdub Go platform is equipped with human-like sound, emotion-prompting, voice-guiding technology, and a composer for voice cloning. Capabilities extend to editing voice characteristics, languages, and translations, in addition to other editing features, such as controlling duration and word count for lip-sync adjustment. In addition to cloning the original voice, users can choose from thousands of platform voices across 65 languages to match any style.

Deepdub GO gives content creators fine-grained control over the emotional expressivity of the generated audio through "emotion prompting" which uses generative AI to steer the performance via textual prompts. Additionally, the platform enables control through "voice guiding" a technique by which users can provide a voice recording to act as a guide for the desired emotional expressivity of the AI-generated audio.

"For the first time ever, professional-level dubbing is available for any type of content, whether it's a corporate training video, a university course, or an influencer's video," Krakowski said further. "Deepdub GO is an enabler of global storytelling, allowing content creators to resonate with their audiences in a deeper, more personal way. With our studio platform, creators can amplify the potential reach of every piece of content beyond traditional geographical and linguistic boundaries."

Users upload their videos to the Deepdub GO platform, choose the video style and desired languages, and the video is available for download shortly. The end-to-end process includes automatic transcription, translation, voice generation, and audio mixing. Deepdub GO is also available as an API, enabling integration into existing tools and automated workflows.

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