Cineverse Launches MatchCaption

Cineverse has launched Matchpoint AI's newest product offering, MatchCaption for closed-caption creation.

MatchCaption is based on fine-tuned transformer models for voice activity detection, speech recognition, spoken language identification, speech transcription, phrase creation, song identification, music detection, and much more. It has a sophisticated rules engine to ensure generated captions are perfectly timed and formatted according to industry standards. They are then auto converted into multiple caption/subtitle formats, such as SRT, SCC, VTT, and DFXP, to meet the specifications of all streaming platforms. The system also enables manual augmentation that color codes the text output based on confidence scores and speech-probability.

With MatchCaption, a full feature film can be completed and quality checked in less than one hour.

"The magic of MatchCaption goes beyond just efficiency and cost-effectiveness," said Sudipta Ghorui, senior vice president of engineering at Cineverse, in a statement. "It also offers the ability to empower creators and industries to make their video content more widely accessible than ever before. By providing a solution that can create captions quickly, reliably, and at an affordable price, Matchpoint AI is leading the way to a more inclusive digital world."

"Captions, and localization more broadly, are generally major pain points for content owners seeking to monetize their assets across the many streaming services. Through the power of Matchpoint and now Matchpoint Ai, we help content companies generate far more revenue by broadening their audiences at significantly reduced costs," said Tony Huidor, chief technology officer of Cineverse, in a statement. "Companies around the world have been priced out of bringing their entire content catalogs to market due to the extremely high costs of captioning and localization. With MatchCaption, that's no longer an issue."

MatchCaption is the fourth product release under Matchpoint AI, which includes Matchpoint Video QC for automated quality control of master video and audio assets, Matchpoint Detect for automated ad break identification and creation, and Matchpoint Keystone for automated transformation of movie posters and key art.

Matchpoint AI's roadmap for MatchCaption includes multilanguage support, speaker identification, and foreign language subtitling.

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