Oracle Adds Generative AI to EHRs

Oracle has enhanced its healthcare solutions with cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) capabilities, generative artificial intelligence, and back-office enhancements.

Using a secure patient portal with advanced document recognition, computer vision, and voice services, patients will be able to provide their health data, including actions such as uploading pictures of their driver's licenses and having that information automatically populate the EHR, signing HIPAA compliance forms digitally, or scheduling appointments or checking on their lab results using simple voice commands.

The new generative AI services, Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, enables providers to leverage generative AI together with voice commands and patients to take self-service actions, such as scheduling appointments or checking clinical information, at their convenience using simple voice commands. For physicians, the multimodal voice and screen-based assistant participates in appointments using generative AI to automate note taking and to propose context-aware next actions, such as ordering medication or scheduling labs and follow-up appointments. The Digital Assistant Platform also enables patients to take self-service actions that range from using voice commands to schedule an appointment or pay a bill to getting generative AI-driven answers to questions such as, 'How long do I need to fast before a blood sugar lab test'? These enhancements will be connected to the patient portal, orchestrated to synchronously deliver updates, and follow up on actions directly to the patient.

"Our goal is to deliver one of the industry's best, most functionally rich EHR systems to reduce wasted time, eliminate redundant processes, and add value every step of the way for practitioners and the patients they serve," said Travis Dalton<, executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Health, in a statement. "These enhancements are another step forward in our mission to improve the patient experience by connecting the healthcare ecosystem in a way that enables providers to deliver more efficient and effective care."

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