Achronix Partners with Myrtle.AI for Speech Recognition Solution

Achronix Semiconductor has partnered with Myrtle.ai, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) solutions provider, to create a solution that converts spoken language to text in more than 1,000 concurrent real-time streams.

The solution is powered by a VectorPath accelerator card featuring a Speedster7t FPGA running Myrtle.ai's Achronix-FPGA-optimized ASR IP. A single card in a server can replace up to 20 CPU-only-based servers or 15 GPU cards. The AI model can be customized or retrained with vertical-specific or custom data sets in standard machine learning (ML) frameworks.

"One of the key aspects of the Myrtle.ai accelerated ASR solution built on Achronix Speedster7t FPGAs is its ability to reduce both OpEx and CapEx while maintaining top-tier performance significantly," said Bill Jenkins, director of AI product marketing at Achronix, in a statement. "This solution powered by a Speedster7t FPGA can reduce costs by up to 90 percent compared to traditional CPU/GPU-based server solutions, whether enterprise or in the cloud. This capability translates to tangible business savings while providing exceptional real-time speech-to-text capabilities."

"The architecture of the Achronix Speedster7t FPGA with its 2D network on chip (NoC) and ML processor (MLP) arrays gave us the building blocks required to create an ASR product that is significantly more optimized than anything available on the market today," said Peter Baldwin, CEO of Myrtle.ai, in a statement. "The extremely low latency inherent in these FPGAs makes them ideal for real-time workloads. We are excited to provide users the ability to scale up their ASR services at lower cost and faster than ever before."

The Achronix-Myrtle.ai accelerated ASR solution include compatibility with major deep learning frameworks, such as PyTorch, plus re-trainability for multiple languages or specialties.

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