Merlyn Mind Launches Classroom Assistant

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Merlyn Mind, an artificial intelligence company focused ondomain-specific AI platforms, today launched Merlyn Origin, an AI-powered classroom solution.

Merlyn Origin has been built on an education-specific large language model (LLM) for the unique workflow of the classroom, enabling teachers to use their voice from anywhere in the classroom to control learning applications, computers, and front-of-class display. With Origin, teachers can access classroom lessons, generate quick quizzes, and help students find answers on the spot.

"In a moment where there is a profound opportunity and risk associated with AI, it's critical that we take a domain-specific approach to leveraging AI in teaching and learning. Educators must be able to confidently employ AI tools tailored for classroom use, emphasizing their educational and developmental suitability," said Satya Nitta, co-founder and CEO of Merlyn Mind, in a statement. "Driven by our belief that people collaborating with purpose-built AI can unlock previously unattainable human progress, Origin has been designed as a secure, locally-focused, and education-centric solution aimed at enhancing learning outcomes and advancing our objective of incorporating the latest AI advancements into education."

In the future, Origin will allow schools and districts to integrate their own content and curriculum into the platform as part of a walled-garden approach that allows both teachers and students to harness the capabilities of generative AI safely to encourage curiosity and promote higher-order thinking during class, which, in turn, enhances the learning experience.

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