Gallaudet University and AppTek Establish GoBoVo to Develop Accessible Applications for the Deaf

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Gallaudet University and Apptek have established GoBoVo, a new company to develop live captioning and translation applications for videoconferences and other audiovisual content.

The launch of GoBoVo is the culmination of a multi-year partnership between Gallaudet, an institution for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and AppTek, a provider of artificial intelligence, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and text-to-speech technologies.

"We are ecstatic to collaborate with Gallaudet University to amplify our dedication to responsible generative AI, championing equity and diversity in every facet of human language technology. We have a plethora of innovative solutions on the horizon, including those curated for American Sign Language and tools for the blind," said Mudar Yaghi, CEO of AppTek, in a statement.

"For an extended period, we have depended on others for access. GoVoBo recognizes the community's dire need to influence its accessibility. Our goal is to synchronize the opportunities AI presents with existing data paradigms," said Christian Vogler, chief technology officer of GoBoVo and director of the Technology Access Program at Gallaudet, in a statement.

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