Ottawa Infotainment Integrates Sensory's Voice Recognition into Dragonfire Domain Controller

Ottawa Infotainment has integrated Sensory's natural language recognition technology into its flagship Dragonfire Domain Controller.

"Working with Sensory has allowed us to implement a natural language voice recognition system that operates on a low-bandwidth profile, which is absolutely crucial in the automotive context. It provides us with a robust offering that delivers on performance without compromising bandwidth availability for other critical vehicle functions and runs entirely on device," Jonathan Hacker, chief technology officer of Ottawa Infotainment, said in a statement.

"Voice recognition is paramount for enhancing driver safety. It enables drivers to execute commands and complete tasks without diverting their attention from the road. This is a feature our customers have been eagerly anticipating, and we're confident that it will set us apart in the competitive landscape," Sean Hazaray, CEO of Ottawa Infotainment, said in a statement.

"Working with Ottawa Infotainment is truly special," said Jeff Rogers, vice president of sales and marketing at Sensory, in a statement. "They have the agility to quickly adapt to the demands of emerging markets. This allows us to provide them with the most advanced offerings of Sensory's technologies, ensuring that the end product is not only cutting-edge but also highly customized to meet and exceed client expectations."

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