VoicePing Launches AI Voice Translation for Corporate Communication

Japanese startup VoicePing has launched mobile and PC-based voice translation apps for the corporate world.

The VoicePing mobile app offers live translation and transcription, while its PC app has live subtitles for all online meeting tools across 45 languages. It includes an original AI Speech to Text and Translation model created specifically for Asian languages.

The PC application integrates live subtitle features for virtual meetings and webinars with real-time translation and transcription of discussions. It can overlay subtitles directly onto other applications, like Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams

VoicePing also introduced a QR code system to manage large audiences, such as in exhibitions, seminars, and international conferences. Attendees can scan the QR code to access real-time translation services on their devices in their preferred languages. This system can support events with more than 1,000 participants.

VoicePing's AI model is trained on vast datasets of Asian languages, ensuring that it captures the linguistic intricacies and cultural contexts specific to each language.

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