Toyota Unveils Interactive AI Assistant Electra

Toyota Research Institute today introduced Electra, a voice-activated AI eco-copilot.

Now available across Toyota's entire fleet of cars, Electra is a large language model (LLM) to help Toyota drivers stay on course for a beyond-zero future without having to change lanes in the present.

A product of Toyota's AI research, Electra has been trained on automotive and climate data sets that give her a deep understanding of these complex systems. Electra draws on a vast knowledge of roadway conditions, fuel efficiency, and environmental factors to give each trip a smaller environmental impact. The LLM periodically connects to the internet for up-to-the-moment information and learns through repeated user interactions how to formulate suggestions most appropriate for each driver.

"Electra embodies our commitment to our drivers' changing concerns in our quickly changing climate," said Toyota Research Institue CEO Gill Pratt in a statement. "Electric vehicles are needed, so Toyota is diversifying what electric can mean. Letting Electra take the wheel helps drivers grow into their eco-consciousness regardless of what's under the hood."

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