Dolbey Announces AI Assist

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Dolbey has launched AI Assist, an expansion of Fusion Narrate powered by nVoq, which offers generative artificial intelligence for healthcare workflow automation. AI Assist is an evolution in speech recognition and automation technology.

AI Assist enables healthcare providers to automate tasks through artificial intelligence. Dolbey's new AI Assist allows for analysis, summarization, transformation, and generation.

With the use of AI Assist, healthcare providers can automatically generate suggested impressions and recommendations, summarize reports with bulleted or numbered lists, enhance medical report documentation, suggest ICD-10 billing codes, and build unique AI-driven workflows with the Fusion Narrate shortcut builder.

"Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance patient care and drive unprecedented productivity advancements is a cornerstone of our research and development strategy," said Curtis Weeks, Dolbey's vice president of product development, in a statement. "We are thrilled by the exceptionally positive response from our early adopters, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector."

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