Kardome Launches MyWord

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Kardome, a provider of voice technology, has launched MyWord, to empower users to create their own custom wake words.

MyWord - Kardome Personalized Gen AI Wake Words

MyWord eliminates the need for expensive artificial intelligence (AI) model training or costly development cycles.

Kardome's voice AI technology uses the Few Shot Learning architecture, which trains the core AI model to solve new identification problems with just a small number of voice samples or labeled training data.

"Our proprietary generative AI technology eliminates the need for expensive AI model training, making MyWord a cost-effective and accessible solution for manufacturers and end-users," said Dani Cherkassky, CEO of Kardome, in a statement. "MyWord is a game-changer for the voice technology industry, and we're excited to see the possibilities it opens up across industries."

MyWord operates fully offline and adapts seamlessly to various industries, including automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics. It enables personalized voice interactions in cars, medical devices, smart home gadgets, and more.

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