eClinicalWorks Integrates Sunoh.ai for Dermatology Clinics

Through a new integration within the eClinicalWorks Dermatology module. eClinicalWorks, an ambulatory cloud electronic health record systems provider, has made Sunoh.ai available for dermatology clinics nationwide.

The EHR-agnostic AI-powered medical scribe assists dermatology professionals in clinical documentation. Using Sunoh.ai, dermatologists can document their observations to formulate comprehensive treatment plans. Dermatologists can dictate skin conditions and other pertinent information right into the EHR.

"We are thrilled to introduce Sunoh.ai for dermatology clinics to provide our dermatology customers with an intuitive and seamless integration that streamlines their clinical documentation," said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks, in a statement. "Our customers can now leverage the benefits of cutting-edge AI-powered technology specifically designed to enhance dermatology care combined with our comprehensive dermatology module."

"At Sunoh.ai, we're committed to helping practices enhance their clinical workflows and improving patient care," said Saurabh Singh, vice president of Sunoh.ai, in a statement. "Dermatology clinics nationwide can now leverage Sunoh.ai to streamline and improve clinical documentation with a unique immersive experience for providers and patients. By integrating Sunoh.ai with eClinicalWorks for dermatology clinics, we can provide dermatology professionals with a seamless tool that saves valuable time, reduces costs, and increases accuracy."

Sunoh.ai also integrates with eClinicalMobile and eClinicalTouch apps on any iOS and Android smartphones, iPads, and Microsoft Windows and macOS devices.

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