AxonDAO Unveils A+Voice

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AxonDAO has launched A+Voice, a research platform to monitor vocal biomarkers and for the early detection and ongoing assessment of conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and Huntington's Disease.

Assessing vocal biomarkers can also evaluate fatigue and energy levels, which could help standardize safety monitoring within a range of professions, such as operators of commercial trucks, cars, and heavy machinery. Looking ahead, AxonDAO plans to enhance their models to also identify biomarkers that evaluate changes in anxiety, stress, and mood.

By using decentralized ledger technology, zero-knowledge security, and other advanced technologies, AxonDAO allows research participants to access, own, and control their health data.

A+Voice is AxonDAO's biometric AI voice collection and analysis software. The platform uses a reward system to collect high-quality, consistent voice data that runs through a quality assessment and analytical engine. By using blockchain technology, A+Voice timestamps, anonymizes, and processes this data into patterned AI processes while adhering to stringent data handling regulations.

Strategic partnerships with NVIDIA, 639 Solar, and DataLake bolstered the launch of A+Voice.

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