UneeQ Adds Eleven Labs' AI Voices

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UneeQ has integrated ElevenLabs' AI voices into its digital human animation platform, Synanim. With the integration, UneeQ digital humans can now speak with diverse emotional inflections and contextual awareness.

UneeQ's clients can now assimilate the AI voice they've created with ElevenLabs directly into their UneeQ digital humans to engage in real-time conversations with customers in their own brand voices, enhancing staff training, brand marketing, event activations, and e-commerce experiences.

The integration gives companies access to ElevenLabs voices in 29 languages. The UneeQ digital humans can switch languages in real time. Companies can also use ElevenLabs'; voice cloning to replicate the voice of their ambassadors, mascots, or spokespeople, with their explicit consent, to make real-time conversations possible with their avatars via the UneeQ digital human platform.

"We're raising the bar for what our clients can expect with digital humans. Lifelike voices and animation means deeper connections, ElevenLabs is a critical element to achieve that," said Danny Tomsett, CEO of UneeQ, in a statement. "We're the only digital human company offering real-time, expressive ElevenLabs audio integration matched by Synanim's movements, gestures, warmth, empathy, and multilingual capabilities that embody a brand. While other providers may utilize AI voices for pre-recorded content, we're breaking new ground by enabling these voices to work more quickly in real time."

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