Eckoh Technologies Voices Up Text with Rhetorical

EDINBURGH, UK - Eckoh Technologies has selected Rhetorical as a key technology provider of text-to-speech (TTS) software. Eckoh will integrate Rhetorical's voice synthesis product, rVoice, into its own hosted speech recognition solutions. This will improve the quality of the caller experience by offering users a more natural, realistic and pleasant interface. TTS technology is used to create a spoken version of computer readable text, such as text documents or web data. Eckoh uses TTS in existing applications such as voice-activated email readers, store locators, or brochure fulfilment services. Traditionally, the quality of text-to-speech has been perceived as sounding unnatural and computer-generated. However, rVoice offers customers a number of different voices to choose from - male or female, young or old, in a range of regional accents and speaking styles. rVoice can be further enhanced with the use of application voices, pre-packaged libraries containing vocabulary and special functions particularly suited to specific applications such as reading email or names and addresses. Eckoh has purchased the full suite of products. Use of this software can eliminate the need to record audio, making both the content of applications and also their overall structure dynamic. The technology will be integrated across the whole of Eckoh's platform, leading to greater possibilities for automated applications and cost reductions for call centres. Jim Hennigan, Managing Director of the ASR division at Eckoh Technologies, said: "As Europe's number one provider of hosted advanced speech recognition solutions, it is crucial that we maintain our position by partnering with industry-leading companies like Rhetorical. Our combined offering will improve Eckoh's overall service, delivering an affordable alternative to recorded prompts and an outstanding experience for the user. He continued: We selected Rhetorical because of its portfolio of natural-sounding voices, which are virtually indistinguishable from human ones, as well as the ability to integrate with ease into our own speech recognition services. " Marc Moens, CEO at Rhetorical, adds: "Our best of breed rVoice product offering fits well within Eckoh's target of maintaining its position as European leader of the speech recognition applications market. The collaboration will enhance not just the listener's experience, but will also help reduce costs and increase revenues."
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