Red Lion Hotels Selects Voxify Automated Agents to Help Manage Reservations and Loyalty Program Calls

ALAMEDA, Calif. - Voxify Automated Agents will soon begin handling contact center calls for Red Lion Hotels, the flagship hotel brand for Red Lion Hotel Corporation.
Voxify Automated Agents will answer all incoming calls to the Red Lion contact centers and then route them to the appropriate agent, either another Automated Agent or a live agent. Besides greeting callers, Voxify Automated Agents will be tasked with duties including helping callers shop for room rates, confirming or canceling reservations and making new reservations. Voxify Automated Agents will also service members of GuestAwards, Red Lion's Loyalty program, along with helping callers find the Red Lion Hotel nearest to them. The decision to automate contact center calls coincides with an expansion by Red Lion, as the hotelier recently announced plans to expand to 100 markets in the next five years. With their signature "Stay Comfortable" rooms, the chain currently has more than 50 hotel locations in 11 states.
"Our goal at Red Lion is simple - to provide guests with the prompt, consistent, genuine service for which Red Lion is known," said, Barry Hughes, VP of marketing and Distribution for Red Lion. "Voxify provides the only speech solution that fits our standards of excellence with a speedy deployment, impressive ROI and, most importantly, outstanding service to our customers."

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