Speaker Verification Vendors for BioAPI

Now that the BioAPI Specification, Ver. 1.1, has become an ANSI standard (ANSI/INCITS 358), it is expected that more vendors will be announcing BioAPI compliant products and that more end-users and integrators will be demanding it. Therefore, please note the following announcements: 1) The BioAPI Consortium maintains a list of BioAPI compliant products on its website (www.bioapi.org). This list is based on announcements and reports from vendors. So far, there are fingerprint, facial, signature, and combination Biometric Service Providers (BSPs) listed, but no "speaker verification only" products included on the list. If you have such a product, please report it so that it can be posted. Information needed includes: company name/URL, product name/URL, type of product (i.e., application or BSP; if BSP, technology type), and a brief (1 sentence or phrase) description. You can send this information to the BioAPI secretary, ralph.hayne@unisys.com. 2) The BioAPI reference implementation (software framework) is now being ported from its original Win32 platform to both Unix (Solaris) and Linux. As these projects move forward towards completion, it will be necessary to test them against BSPs that run in those native environments. Therefore, the BioAPI Consortium is soliciting vendors to provide Solaris or Linux BSPs to the corresponding Ref. Impl. developers for beta testing of those ports. In return, those developers will provide confidential feedback to the vendor WRT the operation and conformance of their BSP. Ideally, a device driver for the target platform would be provided/available along with the BSP. Beta BSPs are acceptable for this purpose. If your technology runs in one of these environments, please consider writing a BioAPI wrapper for it and providing it to the porting teams for free 3rd party testing. For more information, contact the BioAPI chair, Cathy Tilton, ctilton@saflink.com.
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