Language and Computing Launches TeSSI

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Language and Computing (L&C) NV, the developer of Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, announced the launch of "TeSSI for Healthcare and Life Sciences", its product suite for semantic processing of unstructured information within healthcare and life sciences environments. The TeSSI middleware suite offers a semantic information management environment consisting of four components that can be installed separately or can be combined: TeSSI Indexing Engine, TeSSI Search Engine, TeSSI Extraction Engine and TeSSI Clustering and Categorization engine. The TeSSI suite leverages intelligence stored in the L&C LinKBase medical knowledge base of semantic information for accurate search and retrieval and for automated information extraction of clinical facts from unstructured clinical documents (e.g. discharge summaries, pathology reports, etc.). Additionally, TeSSI uses the semantic indexes for document categorization or clustering. Categories may be predefined or dynamically generated based on ranking the importance of document concepts. With the TeSSI Extraction Engine, enterprises now have a tool to make the vast and unmanageable amount of important clinical facts - previously buried in unprocessable free-text documents - available for further processing. In pharmaceutical research, for example, access to information speeds up the drug discovery and development process in all its phases, decreases the time to market of new drugs, reduces the risk of failed initiatives and reduces operational costs.
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