IT Analyst Firm Says VoIP Strategy Positions Microsoft to Compete in Telecom Market

LONDON, ON - IT analyst firm Info-Tech Research Group says that Microsoft's release of Microsoft Speech Server (MSS) 2004 R2 represents the latest step in an ongoing campaign to evolve the company beyond its position as the dominant IT software vendor into the realm traditionally reserved for telecommunications vendors.


"Microsoft is tying together all of its multimedia-capable messaging assets into a cohesive strategy to penetrate and dominate the burgeoning VoIP market," says Info-Tech Research Group senior research analyst, Carmi Levy. "Microsoft clearly understands the need to establish itself at strategic points in the VoIP market in order to succeed on a worthwhile scale."


"Microsoft sees VoIP as part of an all-encompassing messaging strategy," says Levy. "Building on its dominance of text-based messaging with its Exchange platform, it now aims to leverage that dominance into VoIP.


"It may seem odd at first glance to have a software vendor pushing to become a top provider of digital telephony service," Levy points out. "But it's difficult to imagine any other company with the resources and connections to actually pull it off. It looks like the traditional telcos have a new and formidable competitor."

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