MERA Releases New Version of Softswitch

MERA Systems released MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch (MVTS). MVTS 2.1.10 features many improvements that contribute to the SIP capabilities of the softswitch and provide new methods of statistics collection.

The new product version provides a standby redundancy mechanism built around a main and failover MVTS server sharing a public IP address. In case the primary server stops functioning, the traffic is directed to the backup system. The new MVTS version does not impose limitations on the carrier's equipment.

The new multithreading mechanisms have increased the performance of SIP-HIT, a protocol and codec conversion module. Now a single-server system can handle up to 1000 concurrent calls involving protocol translation.

The new MVTS release features an improved call setup method implemented in the SIP HIT. The SIP-HIT module now performs call setup attempts for each gateway in the group available on the selected call path, even if the initial call setup attempt fails.

Another enhancement of the new MVTS release is the transfer of extended statistics under the SNMP protocol. The gathered statistics includes data on gateways, dialpeers and routes. Carriers can view the statistics in any format they prefer, including the use of standard SNMP-clients. Altogether, the new MVTS 2.1.10 release features more than 30 enhancements and 20 new parameters.

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