NMS Communications Presents Studio Sound; NMS Communications Partners with VoxSurf

FRAMINGHAM, MA - NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS), a supplier of technology for tomorrow's networks, unveils Studio Sound(R), which eliminates background noise, network distortion, and acoustic echo that hamper the quality of mobile phone calls. With Studio Sound, service providers can deliver a subscriber experience that leads to better customer satisfaction, increased usage, higher retention rates, and ultimately greater revenue. Studio Sound is a software solution that pairs Noise Reduction and Noise Compensation with other robust voice quality enhancement features to create an optimal listening environment for both parties in a conversation which is particularly vital in noisy mobile settings. For instance, if someone makes a mobile call in the gate area of a busy airport, the intrusive loudspeaker announcements would not be heard by the person on the other end of the call and the conversation continues uninterrupted without requiring either party to raise their voice to be heard. In related announcements , the company is introducing new standalone voice enhancement systems that incorporate Studio Sound: ** Mercury Broadband Voice Enhancement System, a high-density, high-performance broadband echo cancellation system with optical terminations ** Quartet T1 Voice Enhancement System, the high-density, high-performance narrowband echo cancellation system NMS' voice enhancement systems were recently acquired from Lucent Technologies and are built on pioneering innovations that originated at Bell Labs. These systems are deployed throughout many of the world's largest telecommunications networks, including Verizon Wireless and Long Distance, China Unicom, NTT DoCoMo, US Cellular, Nextel, AT&T Wireless, France Telecom, and Leap Wireless. "Studio Sound is the service provider's 'secret weapon' in creating a superb listening experience for mobile callers," said Clarke Ryan, senior vice president and general manager of NMS' Voice Enhancement Systems business. "As the number of mobile-to-mobile calls surges, the need for sophisticated voice enhancement capabilities becomes a fundamental business requirement to help service providers differentiate their offerings, generate additional revenue, and grow their businesses. With Studio Sound, they benefit from the industry's only product to combine noise reduction, noise compensation, and automatic gain control in a single offering representing an unrivaled and cost-effective way for service providers to increase the appeal of their services in a highly competitive market." "Superior voice quality is particularly important since it can provide a vehicle for wireless operators to reduce churn, which is a huge drain on profits if left unchecked." said Philip Marshall, Program Manager, Wireless Mobile Technologies, at the Yankee Group. "By attacking impediments to voice quality, Studio Sound represents a true achievement in voice enhancement helping service providers increase subscriber satisfaction and retention."
NMS Communications Partners with VoxSurf
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS), a supplier of technology for tomorrow's networks, has partnered with VoxSurf, a U.K.-based voice applications provider, to deliver VoxSurf's European multichannel messaging applications integrated with NMS HearSay to voice-empower new enhanced services. European operators now have a ready-to-deploy solution that allows them to offer value-enhanced services within their existing networks and provide additional services as their networks evolves . Through the NMS and VoxSurf alliance, European operators have can offer VoxSurf's suite of voice-led messaging applications, including email, voicemail, unified communications, Short Message Services (SMS) and personal information manager (PIM) all accessible from a choice of voice, PC or wireless devices, and specifically designed for the European market. Both NMS HearSay and the VoxSurf suite support the VoiceXML 2.0 specification and 2.5G/3G wireless networks. "We couldn't be more pleased to be allied with NMS and its revolutionary NMS HearSay system. NMS shares our vision of providing a single, one-stop integrated solution that offers the ability to enable many application and device access choices for customers," said Paul Salusbury, CEO of VoxSurf. "We look forward to expanding the value of NMS HearSay into a region in which many of the innovative services that NMS and VoxSurf provide are in great demand." "The combination of NMS HearSay and VoxSurf's voice-led applications is a powerful one for the European mobile market," said Brian Demers, vice president and general manager of NMS' Network Solutions business. "VoxSurf brings depth and breadth of application offerings to help us deliver a comprehensive solution that meets mobile operators' market-specific requirements."
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