Sail Labs Technology Installs Name Dialer Application at Brooktrout Technology

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - Sail Labs Technology developed and installed a Name Dialer speech application based the Conversational System speech platform at Brooktrout Technology. The application enables callers to ask for and be connected to the person they are seeking, using free flowing natural dialogue. A user is free to use the first name or the last name of the individual they are trying to reach. The application is currently being implemented for internal use within Brooktrout Technology and will help in freeing valuable resources for customer oriented and value added tasks. The application demonstrates the capability of Brooktrout's Vantage Series voice processing boards, as well its RealComm100TM software development platform. The application exemplifies the natural language understanding capability of the Sail Labs Conversational system, in an environment where the users range from various nations and might pronounce the same name in very different ways.

"The combination of our Conversational System 2.0 and the RealComm100 platform showcases for Sail Labs and Brooktrout partners how well the products work together while running a speech application such as the Name Dialer", says Christoph Prinz, Vice President Development Sail Labs Technology.

"We are excited to be implementing Sail Labs Name Dialer application at Brooktrout. This is a great example of a speech enabled application that can be implemented as a serious business tool and also exemplifies the versatility of our RealComm100 as a development platform for these kinds of functions," said David Ching, Contact Center Product Line Manager at Brooktrout Technology. "Brooktrout worked with Sail Labs when they developed their Conversational System speech platform, which was built on Brooktrout's RealComm100 development platform. We look forward to working with Sail Labs on future speech enabled applications."

The Name Dialer application runs on the Sail Labs Conversational System, a complete platform for automated dialog comprised of automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialog management, natural language generation and TTS components. The application has been created with the Conversational System Application Development Kit that has a user-friendly Graphical User Interface providing access to application tools. Speech applications can be developed on the Conversational System using open standards like Java and XML. The current installation of the Name Dialer application installed at Brooktrout Technology can be easily updated to include names of new employees. The installation of the Conversational System provides a platform for the deployment of additional applications for Brooktrout Technology.
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