ART Chosen by Siemens for New Fashion Phone- Xelibri 3

ATLANTA, GA - ART Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc., an independent producer of speech and handwriting recognition technologies for the mobile world, announced its first cooperation with Xelibri, the new fashion accessory division created by Siemens, the mobile-phone maker and electronics industry leader. According to the announcement, ART's innovative smARTspeak NG has been chosen to power the voice-only personal communication device, Xelibri 3, the flagship model of the new Xelibri fashion phone collection. Created as fashion accessories to be sold over new channels, primarily via department stores and fashion retailers, these differently shaped and wearable devices are part of a move to reinvigorate growth in the stalled mobile phone market. At the same time, the Xelibri 3 is the first GSM mobile phone to support speaker independent recognition functionality. The new device, with a single key instead of a standard keypad, is purely voice activated by a User Interface developed jointly by ART and Xelibri. This UI is based on ART's speech recognition solution, smARTspeak NG, a technology that combines both speaker independent digit dialing and speaker dependent name dialing and command functions in one bundle. To be marketed as fashion items with spring/summer and fall/winter collections, the first Xelibri devices will work in English, Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish and French, with other languages to follow. Each Xelibri collection will consist of four phones and, just as regular fashion accessories, will be available in limited quantities and will have a lifecycle of twelve months - significantly shorter than existing mobile phones. "Xelibri products are fashion accessories that make phone calls. At the same time, neither Siemens nor our customers would accept compromise on the highest technological standards in our mobile phones" said George Appling, president of Siemens' new Xelibri division. "So, with no traditional keypad and only one key, ART's smARTspeak NG became of vital importance as a best of breed voice recognition solution for the successful voice activation of the new Xelibri 3 fashion device." "With mobile phone penetration rates in many markets at 70 to 85 percent, and overall growth stalled, it's a masterstroke of strategic thinking to create a new category for the market place - especially one that can build demand for multiple phone ownership," said Eran Aharonson, President of ART Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. "ART is proud to be associated with this innovative new venture, and we feel sure that this marks just the beginning of a successful long term relationship between Xelibri and ART that will lead to many more high quality results."
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