Verascape and Integy Software Announce Partnership

CHICAGO, IL - Verascape Inc., a manufacturer of VoiceXML speech platforms, and Integy Software, creator of the User Interface Management System announced a partnership that will deliver VoiceXML solutions to meet the needs of enterprise customers through Verascape's VeraServ platform and Integy software's UIMS products. The Partnership · Integy Software's Voice-Integrator software integrates existing enterprise Web systems with voice-recognition and text-to-speech technology,enabling access to these systems from any phone. · Verascape offers a platform that has speech recognition software, servers, and interfaces to both PSTN and IP networks. "Customers have made significant investments in their web sites, and don't want to duplicate that investment to make information accessible by voice," said Mil Ovan, president of Verascape. "Integy Software products enable all of the back-office integration that's in place for the web site to be leveraged by voice, without changing a single line of code." "One of Verascape's chief value propositions is creating an integrated platform that has all of the hardware and speech recognition software necessary to handle high volume transaction related voice calls," said Ed Fullman, president and chief executive officer of Integy Software.
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