Angel.com Provides Business to Business Speech Solution for the Travel and Expense Industry

MCLEAN, VA - Angel.com, a provider of turnkey speech solutions as a service, announced the launch of Outtask's voice-enabled travel and expense solutions, Cliqbook Voice and Vinnet Voice. Developed on Angel.com's Voice Site platform, Outtask quickly built and deployed fully voice-enabled versions of their already successful travel and expense management software. The new products offer users "anytime, anywhere" access. Filing expense reports, booking travel and obtaining personal itinerary information can be done by calling a 24-hour phone number. Callers are free to use all interactive functions by simply speaking responses instead of pressing keys. Travelers can do business on their schedule. The system interacts with callers in a natural and personalized manner. Angel.com's Voice Site platform offered Outtask the opportunity to realize significant cost-savings and drastically limit development resources and time. Using common standards like XML, Outtask utilized their existing industry expertise and systems engineering staff for programming - letting Angel.com handle speech recognition and telephony. With complementary business models as service providers, Outtask and Angel.com offer travel agencies and enterprises a product that is both easy and economical to deploy - without the burden of hardware purchase or application support. "Angel.com is a unique player in the speech market," said Michael Zirngibl, president of Angel.com. "By connecting Angel.com's Voice Site service with Outtask's existing software, we provided not only the technology, but a business solution that drastically reduced development time and costs. This helps Outtask maintain their competitive edge and gives them a key advantage by offering such a practical solution to their Fortune 500 clients." "Angel.com offered us more than the ability to add speech to Cliqbook and Vinnet," said Tom DePasquale, president and CEO of Outtask. "Through connecting to their service based solution, we avoided the complexities of telephony and stayed focused on delivering a high quality experience, further driving down costs for our agency partners and customers." "This joint initiative is a great example of how Angel.com helps businesses innovate and take advantage of speech recognition without costly side-effects. Our versatile Voice Site platform and market approach is propelling Angel.com as the industry leader in business to business speech solutions," Zirngibl added.
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