ATA Retail Services Selects NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech

FREMONT, CA - NeoSpeech, a provider of speech technologies for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, in partnership with COHM Technologies, announced that ATA Retail Services has selected NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech (TTS) product VoiceText™ for its new automated merchandise ordering and shipment system servicing more than 800 field merchandising personnel. ATA Retail Services (ATA) is a wholesale distributor of non-perishables to supermarkets in the United States, providing direct store delivery to nearly 5,000 supermarkets in more than 35 states. "NeoSpeech's technology gives us an efficient, easy-to-use voice interface capable of being understood by a diverse work force," said Mike Gilson, vice president of ATA Retail Services. "By using an automated Text-to-Speech system, our merchandisers realize significant time savings through 24-hour-a-day telephone access to information, from delivery status to new delivery days and product opportunities. The new system will enable us to continue our rapid growth and at the same time improve the efficiency of our ordering system - without adding additional staff." As part of ATA's store ordering process, merchandisers in the past visited a store on a weekly or semi-monthly basis, then called in and left a voicemail with the items that needed to be restocked. That voicemail was manually transcribed and the order then sent to a warehouse for processing. Several days later, 25-40 percent of merchandisers generally placed a follow-up call to learn the status of their order. Under the newly automated system, the merchandiser calls his order into an automated system, which translates his speech into text and creates a warehouse order within an hour. Once the order is shipped, a Text-to-Speech message is generated so that the merchandiser can easily confirm shipping status. The system also provides a UPS tracking number, enabling workers to easily look up the time and date the merchandise is delivered to the store. "ATA's system is a perfect example of the efficiencies created by a high quality Text-to-Speech solution," said Yoon Kim, CEO of NeoSpeech. "ATA's reliability and quality of service are critical to their success with the major grocery chains. NeoSpeech's technology ensures ATA employees have timely access to critical merchandise information, enabling them to provide exemplary service to their customers."
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