TuVox Releases Speech Technology Protection Plan

TuVox released the TuVox Speech Technology Protection Plan.  Under the terms of this plan, TuVox will provide guaranteed investment protection for any company that has selected or will select ScanSoft, Nuance or any other platform technologies, for as long as they are available in the market.

TuVox will migrate any current or future customer's enterprise speech applications from their existing speech recognition and/or voice platform to any other TuVox-certified platform of the customer's choice at any time, as many times as they wish, at no additional charge under TuVox's standard maintenance agreement.  For companies that are not current customers, TuVox will migrate existing speech applications to any TuVox-certified platform of the customer's choice at no additional charge when purchasing any TuVox Enterprise Application Suite. 

"The merger of ScanSoft and Nuance, two market leaders in speech recognition technology, will be positive for the market overall.  We expect strong speech recognition technologies to emerge from the combined ScanSoft/Nuance company, which will serve to provide further benefit to those companies that utilize voice automation for their enterprise," said Larry Miller, president and CEO, TuVox.  "This is likely not the last consolidation event in the market, and it reinforces a critical element of our value proposition.  Our customers understand that the substantial business value of voice automation resides in the speech application.  By utilizing TuVox's application software rather than building custom speech applications tied to platform technologies, they can protect their technology investments over the long term."

"As the speech technology market matures, consolidation of vendors will become a natural course of the market over the next few years.  Enterprises must carefully evaluate their speech technology decisions to ensure their investment in speech applications is protected with the changes in underlying technologies," said Art Schoeller, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "TuVox's proactive support for application investment protection is an important capability that enterprises should seek in their voice self-service engagements."

This migration guarantee is available to all current and future TuVox customers, and applies to any platform technologies from the combined ScanSoft/Nuance company and any other TuVox-certified platforms.

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