ArialPhone Device Now Supports ACT!

MUNDELEIN, IL - ArialPhone Corp., a provider of wireless communications devices and voice-enabling software, announced that its flagship product, the ArialPhone, now supports ACT!. The individuals and corporations using ACT! can now take advantage of ArialPhone, a voice-activated communications product that allows users to place phone calls using their computer contact database by saying a person's name. ArialPhone's hands-free Earset design enables users to move untethered as far as 150 to 300 feet from their PCs as they place and receive phone calls. The user can perform automated contact management functions, such as voice dialing by name, while moving about the home or office. The wireless ArialPhone utilizes standard phone lines, which means no monthly service fees are involved. "By supporting ACT!, ArialPhone becomes even more valuable to the many professionals who rely heavily on telecommunications to create and maintain strong business relationships," said Mike Wagener, President of ArialPhone Corp. "ACT! users around the globe can now use voice-activated communications to perform a variety of contact management functions, without the need to be stationed near their PCs. This will not only introduce a whole new level of convenience and mobility to ACT! users, but it will open up an important target market for ArialPhone." Voice Commands Provide Access to ACT! Contacts
The ArialPhone system is comprised of an Earset; base station; and voice-dialing software that features an advanced speech recognition user interface providing access to ACT! software installed on the user's PC. Through the use of simple spoken commands, such as "call John Smith at work," users can place calls to any ACT! contact listed in their PC. Incoming calls from any contact can also be received with ArialPhone. The ArialPhone Earset acts as a transceiver for wireless radio frequency (RF) communications to the system's base station. With a range of 150 to 300 feet in most environments, wireless voice commands are even recognizable through walls. The Earset weighs approximately one ounce (with battery) and is supported entirely by the ear, held in place via a comfortable, smartly designed Earhook. The Earset has no screen or keyboard, but instead provides a single "action" button with the function to alert the computer of an imminent voice command from the user. ArialPhone requires no customization and is ready to use "out of the box." The ArialPhone Base Station connects to a computer and uses a standard RJ-11 jack for connection to an analog telephone line. Or, it accesses the Internet for VoIP and other Web-based functionality via the user's computer. The Earset communicates with the Base Station via a 900MHz digital spread spectrum RF link.
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