MobiVoice Enhances BlackBerry PDA for Special Voice Applications

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND - Cybernetics InfoTech Inc. (CYBIT) announced the availability of its MobiVoice enhancement for the RIM BlackBerry PDA to serve special vertical markets. MobiVoice is an attachment device for the RIM BlackBerry 957/857 wireless email PDAs that adds advanced voice functions to BlackBerry, including voice email, voice recording, and FM radio. Voice email reduces the time it takes to compose email by eliminating thumb-typing. With the headset provided, the user can dictate voice messages to be sent as regular email attachments. CYBIT software allows voice email communications between two or more MobiVoice units, as well as between MobiVoice and a PC. Voice recording allows a user to record ideas on the go, with up to 5 hours of voice memo capacity. FM radio delivers the latest news, weather/traffic information and entertainment anywhere you travel. MobiVoice integrates its functions with BlackBerry for operation by BlackBerry users. With MobiVoice's advanced voice capabilities, BlackBerry is suited for special applications such as: Emergency Response Team coordination: The "1-to-many" multicast feature of voice email (in contrast to 1-to-1 phone calls), along with voice dictation capability (in contrast to thumb-typing), enable team coordination. Dictation and transcription: With MobiVoice, a physician can dictate a voice diagnosis and send it immediately as voice email, to be transcribed or stored as an authentic voice record. Special-cast of voice content: Using BlackBerry's broadcast function, specially prepared voice content can be compressed and broadcast from a single MobiVoice unit to a selected group of MobiVoice users. The received voice content can then be decompressed and played back by the recipient. Central to these applications is CYBIT's proprietary voice compression technology. Three compression ratios (100:1, 50:1 and 25:1) are available for optimal selection of voice quality vs. file size. With the compression ratio of 100:1, voice files are reduced to a small size for storage and transmission, while still maintaining intelligibility.
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