Clarity Technologies to Provide CVC Technology to Motorola

Clarity Technologies was selected to provide its CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology on the new mobileGT MPC5200 embedded processor from Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector.

CVC will be included in the MPC5200-based mobileGT Total5200 Development Platform for those customers requiring acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies.

According to Clarity Technologies, CVC will offer improved acoustic performance on MPC5200-based designs, enabling high audio quality and voice recognition accuracy for hands-free phone systems, telematics devices and other voice activated systems in vehicles and elsewhere.

"Motorola needed a superior noise and echo suppression technology on the MPC5200 in order to provide our customers the best total solution," said Bill Fleck, Motorola's MPC5200 and mobileGT business development manager. "Motorola is proud to include the award-winning CVC software on the mobileGT Total5200 platform and is confident it will dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of voice-based interfaces being developed with the MPC5200."

The MPC5200, 32-bit embedded processor, combines low power, 760 MIPS performance with a Floating Point Unit (FPU) and a broad range of input/output including Control Area Network (CAN), J1850, I2S and CODEC interfaces. It is targeted for customers needing to eliminate multiple processors, DSPs and custom circuitry and requiring room for product upgrades and differentiation. Customers who order the mobileGT Total5200 Development Platform can expect to receive CVC sample applications and documentation automatically as soon as they are available. "Clarity looks forward to this continued alliance with Motorola," said Raymond Gunn, Clarity Technologies's CEO and president. "CVC is quickly becoming the standard for automotive-hands-free and other applications throughout the world. The inclusion of CVC by Motorola right from the start will reduce customers' time-to-market, thereby accelerating time to profitability."

Also from Clarity Technologies: Clarity Technologies, a provider of voice signal technologies, announced a new version of its CVC "Clear Voice Capture" - One Microphone Solution  technology for use on the ARM architecture.

CVC software, which provides clearer voice signals in noisy environments, will now be available to developers of ARM7TDMI core-based systems, through the ARM Connected Community Program.

"As more and more products demand high performance and power-efficiency, this combination becomes very compelling to OEM and semiconductor customers," said Fred Nussbaum, Clarity's EVP of business development and marketing. "With the global reach of the ARM architecture, the added-value of CVC software, and the cost savings of eliminating the DSP, Clarity sees this rapidly changing the standard features of communication devices."

"Speakerphone and voice commands are becoming required functions for mobile phones," said Oliver Gunasekara, director of Wireless for ARM. "Clarity's innovative CVC solution provides a high quality solution highly optimized for the ARM architecture which removes the need for extra hardware."

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