Paraxip Technologies Unveils New IP Telephony Products

MONTREAL, Canada - Paraxip Technologies released Paraxip Gateway 1.1 and launched Paraxip IP Record, a SIP-based call recording solution. The Paraxip Gateway is a software solution based on open hardware components, specifically targeted at the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call center market. The open architecture of Paraxip's media gateway software yields the possibility to "SIP-enable" existing Intel® NetStructure™ telephony boards and the increased flexibility and control by SIP applications. The Paraxip Gateway 1.1 release introduces multiple enhancements including:

  • Call Forking - Paraxip's product architecture allows associating multiple SIP call legs with every PSTN lines. This gateway feature enables scalable call recording and call monitoring in the IP Call Center.
  • Call control enhancements - Multiple enhancements to Paraxip's call control feature set are introduced in this release such as: advanced call progress analysis improving the return-on-investment on outbound dialing applications, fully supervised call transfers on hook-flash, and added signaling protocol support including E1 PRI.
  • Improved manageability - This release introduces numerous manageability enhancements including an extended programmable Web service interface and the addition of an embedded Web server that enables remote monitoring through a browser-based graphical interface.
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