Noah Education Technology Embedded Fonix Speech Technology in New Electronic Dictionaries

SALT LAKE CITY - Noah Educational Technology, a provider of educational electronic devices and software in China, deployed Fonix Speech's Fonix text-to-speech (TTS) technology on a new electronic dictionary. Noah's newest e-dictionary, model NP600 embedded with Fonix DECEtalk TTS, is currently available in China, with another model debuting later this year. Noah projects a manufacturing rate of over 100K units per model for the year. Fonix receives unit royalties from the sale of each device.

"We are delighted to introduce new Fonix-enabled electronic dictionaries into our line of educational devices and products for the Chinese market," says Benguo Tang, senior vice president of Noah Education Holdings Ltd. "China invests heavily in innovative educational tools and experiences for students and citizens, and Noah is committed to advancing educational technologies and initiatives throughout the country. These new electronic dictionary devices will help Chinese customers learn and speak correct English words and phrases. Noah chose Fonix DECtalk text-to-speech because it is clear and easy for users to understand."

Noah's e-dictionary device utilizes Fonix DECtalk TTS, TTS technology for limited-memory applications. Fonix TTS is designed for embedded devices with limited memory capacity. Fonix TTS speaks word definitions and phrases in English.

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