MicroAutomation Launches Outbound Health Coach Solution

MicroAutomation has implemented an outbound calling solution for a major provider of sophisticated analytics and wellness solutions for health insurance companies.

The automated "Health Coach" solution helps individuals better understand their medical issues by supplying them with tailored information based on their health history.  It will enable individuals to become more actively involved in their healthcare with their providers. 

"This solution helps people make better-informed decisions about their healthcare," said Dan Abernathy, vice president of sales and marketing at MicroAutomation.  "For example, an individual with diabetes can receive information about seminars, new treatments, and medications for diabetes, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations for improving their overall quality of life.  Then if they want more information, they can be connected to a live Health Coach, a healthcare specialist that can give them more specific information."

The Health Coach solution can educate individuals on ways to better manage their health and assists in personalized long-term disease management with helpful reminders for things like nutrition, exercise, and medication.  The solution also provides the business benefit of reducing claims costs by focusing on proactive healthcare and preventative disease management.  It can also reduce the amount of incoming calls for companies by addressing requests for basic information.

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