Apptera Serves Relevant Ads for eBay Auction Calls

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Apptera’s MobileAd Technology is the ad serving technology behind UnWired Nation's Voice Publishing Platform that also powers eBay Phone Alerts. The new ad-sponsored outbound publishing platform and Apptera MobileAd technology provides the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to monetize interactive calls with voice ads, hence, allowing businesses to advertise directly to mobile users.

UnWired Nation powers eBay's Phone Alerts product, via their Unwired Buyer for eBay service, updating users on their bidding status and providing a convenient way for them to bid on listings when they can't be at the computer during the final few minutes before the auction closes. By integrating Apptera's MobileAd Technology with all calls to eBay users and others, businesses, large and small, can reach this and other desirable demographics of Web-savvy shoppers through In-Call advertising.

"The Apptera solution is a natural addition to our already successful UnWired Buyer for eBay product," said Indraj Gill, CEO of UnWired Nation. "Together with Apptera, we are able to provide the world's largest online marketplace with compelling new ways to reach their customers, and continue to build brand presence, while enabling our partners and advertisers to connect users in the most timely and relevant manner possible."

Apptera's MobileAd Technology provides businesses the ability to place relevant ads in a call flow that match the needs and interests of the caller. For example, when UnWired Nation calls an eBay user notifying them of their bid status for a camera, the user could hear a short ad—served by Apptera's MobileAd Technology—about camera accessories, prior to the user's opportunity to bid on the auction. By enabling voice ad-insertions within these outbound calls, Apptera provides an unprecedented way for advertisers to promote complementary products and services at the exact time a prospect is making a purchase decision.

"Millions of eBay bidders will hear relevant valuable messages from merchants that offer complementary products to what they are bidding on in the auction," said Marketta Silvera, CEO of Apptera. "To help businesses monetize outbound calls to their communities such as business prospects, customers, alumni, social networks and even fantasy sports enthusiasts, Apptera leverages UnWired Nation's Publishing Platform."

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