SpeechCycle Adds Tech Support for Windows Vista

SpeechCycle, a provider of on-demand, voice self-service technical support solutions for cable and telecommunication providers, now provides automated troubleshooting for high-speed Internet users with the Windows Vista operating system through its LevelOne Broadband Agent service.

LevelOne Broadband Agent uses natural language speech recognition to identify issues described by callers. Once a caller’s issue is identified, automated diagnostics and repair actions are performed for modem, PC, and routers as well as software and networking components.

"The ability to support Vista users means that SpeechCycle solutions will be capable of automating technical support calls for a rapidly growing number of subscribers upgrading to Vista," said Zor Gorelov, CEO of SpeechCycle. "Providing knowledgeable assistance on the intricacies of a new operating system helps to improve caller satisfaction by quickly resolving issues and helping callers to understand changes from previous versions of Windows."

LevelOne Broadband Agent asks callers for their operating system to deliver operating system-specific diagnostic guidance. SpeechCycle automates some of the more challenging efforts for call center agents, such as stepping callers through advanced Internet and email configuration settings for a range of Windows operating systems and versions. Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP are supported in addition to Vista.

SpeechCycle solutions also integrate with agent desktops to provide a seamless foundation for calls transferred from LevelOne Automated Agents when diagnostic efforts are complete or if additional assistance is requested by the caller. Details such as operating system in use, troubleshooting steps attempted, and a next-step suggestion eliminate the need to repeat what has already been done, giving agents a "head start" toward call resolution.

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