Verint Upgrades Speech Analytics for Public Safety

Verint Systems has expanded the capabilities of its speech analytics software so that 9-1-1 call centers can use it to automatically record and transcribes 9-1-1 calls into data that can be mined for intelligence.

The new application, which is in a few pilots right now and is expected to be commercially available by April, is part of Verint’s Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials for Audiolog offering. With it, 9-1-1 call centers will be able to improve operations, detect trends, and support criminal investigations.

The patented speech analytics solution will be able to index every word and phrase uttered during a 9-1-1- call for context and meaning. Then, the call center manager will be able to search for when and where specific terms were spoken and the context in which they were used. It can then isolate respective conversations for further investigation, and with trend analysis, reveal activity around these terms.

“In public safety, this provides the opportunity to help with investigations,” explains Diego Lomanto, senior solutions marketing manager for analytics at Verint. “If [an officer] is looking at a particular incident, it can help him find the calls about that incident quickly.”

The software will also help public safety agencies gather trending information. It mines the types of calls being taken to spot trends before they become issues. Guided, visual search tools provide the means to “type in a specific term and visualize all the calls where that term was mentioned,” Lomanto says.

This will not only support public safety agencies by helping investigators uncover facts during emergency situations but also identify staff training and process improvement opportunities, he adds. “You can find the clips where agents were doing a great job to help callers in a specific situation.”   

The software is specifically designed for smaller 9-1-1 call centers that can afford to record 100 percent of their calls, according to Lomanto. The product can scale to handle about 300 seats.

The real benefit of the solution, Lomanto says, will be in the time saved. “You leverage all of the recordings that your call center is acquiring for intelligence-gathering. Going back to find a specific call is time-consuming for everybody. This helps mine the calls to get at the key factors without having to listen to a lot of meaningless, unrelated calls.”

“By applying analytics capabilities that have been proven in other verticals, PSAPs will be able to leverage a unique set of trend-spotting functionality to help reduce crime and improve the quality of life for citizens, as well as provide sophisticated tools to aid investigators in leveraging emergency services interactions in ongoing investigations,” Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager of Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, said in a statement.

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