Siri Rival AskZiggy Gets Microsoft Stamp of Approval

Microsoft has approved the latest version of AskZiggy, the first independently created voice recognition technology and app for Windows-based cell phones, for release on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The new voice recognition technology and Personal Voice Assistant (PVA), which is also available for Nokia cell phones, will include the Android phone platform by the summer. It has logged more than 2 million voice searches since its inception less than 12 weeks ago.

"Some in the media consider us a 'David versus Goliath' story because we are now competing against Apple, with $100 billion of capital, and Google with $30 billion, not to mention thousands of their engineers who have spent years in the industry," said AskZiggy's founder and CEO, Shai Leib, in a statement.

AskZiggy will be available for download late Wednesday in the Windows store.

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