Ortsbo Initiates U.S. Patent Process for New E-Reader Language Translator App

Ortsbo.com, a provider of real-time experiential communications and a subsidiary of Intertainment Media Inc., has applied for a U.S. patent for its new e-Reader translator application.

The app, now available in closed beta, makes it possible to instantly translate in a user's choice of text or audible speech anything that can be loaded into the most popular e-Reader platforms.

The company said that its new multilanguage translation tool will support almost any iOS, Android, or Windows-based desktop, smart phone, mobile, and portable computing device including Apple iPads and other tablets. The app, which can be viewed in demo format at http://ortsbo.com/link, will initially provide text-to-text and text-to-speech translation in German, French, and English, with a total of 53 languages ultimately supported.

In addition to text, the app provides audio translation. The application will correctly translate accent marks, allowing true translations in French, German, and other languages that feature multiple accents. Text translated to speech is produced by a human-sounding voice that mimics the enunciation of the chosen language's native speech.

"In an increasingly mobile and barrier-free world, it's important to provide individuals with the right set of tools to succeed," said David Lucatch, CEO, Ortsbo, in a statement. "With the Ortsbo e-Reader app, individuals will be able to share content in multiple languages and even use the text-to-speech function to turn their tablet into a hands-free content presenter. It equips both individuals and businesses with a powerful tool that enables content to be seamlessly shared without any limitations based on the reader's native language."

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