LexisNexis Launches Multifactor Authentication Solutions

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (Voice Biometrics Conference) — Addressing market needs for stronger, risk-based user authentication, LexisNexis Risk Solutions today unveiled two new multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions to help financial services, healthcare, government, and retail organizations authenticate individuals who perform repeated high-risk, high-value transactions through remote channels, including the Web, mobile, and voice.

LexisNexis is bolstering its current suite of identity proofing and authentication solutions, which includes Flex ID, Instant Authenticate, InstantID, InstantID Q&A, Instant Verify, and TrueID, with additional authentication methods for repeated access, including one-time password and voice biometrics.

Adding to TrueID fingerprint biometrics, the new suite of MFA solutions include LexisNexis One Time Password (OTP), an authentication method that allows business and government organizations to have stronger authentication during high-risk, high-value customer transactions. OTP offers an alphanumeric code that can be sent via SMS text, email, or phone on a device the user currently possesses.

Another solution, LexisNexis Voice Biometrics, is an advanced biometrics speaker verification system that verifies a speaker’s identity based on his voice. This is an ideal tool for organizations that process high-volume, high-risk transactions remotely or within call centers.

"In today's high-risk environment, multiple forms of user authentication are a must-have for any organization that relies on compliance and information security for effective operations," said Dennis Becker, vice president of corporate markets at LexisNexis, in a statement. "Everything hinges on the true identity of the user, and if identities are not properly authenticated, then an enterprise has no assurance that access to resources and services is being properly controlled."

The new services will be available through LexisNexis IVR on Demand, which includes identity proofing and voice biometrics solutions via a hosted integrated voice response system that can be integrated into a company’s current workflow.

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