Voxeo Launches CXP 13 Platform

Voxeo has released CXP 13, a solution that provides a single platform to allow developers to create customer self-service applications across multiple channels, including the contact center.

The solution is the latest version of the company's flagship product, VoiceObjects 12, and focuses on the mobile channel interface, including IVR, voice, texting, and mobile. Voxeo refers to the solution as an Application Lifecycle Management platform.

"It's a platform that supports enterprises to create, deploy, manage, and analyze their customer's self-service applications [on] any channel available on smartphones or mobile devices," says Tobias Goebel, director of mobile strategy. "This release is a significant push toward mobile capabilities."

CXP 13 provides a mobile framework based on jQuery Mobile and HTML5. It includes drag and drop functionality to make it faster and easier to build and deploy customer service applications across all mobile devices.

The company said that unlike other platforms that enable only voice or mobile Web, CXP 13 delivers a "design once, deploy anywhere" architecture for one-stop Application Lifecycle Management across multiple inbound self-service and outbound communications channels. It also enables developers to incorporate capabilities such as location-based services or voice biometrics.

"[With CXP 13] you can make changes on the fly; you don't always have various app stores to make updates," says Goebel. "The product also provides reporting on user behavior and system performance, and it does it across the channel. It's truly a multichannel application management platform."

The uniqueness of the platform comes from multichannel; it's not just a platform for building out mobile apps," says Goebel, but it covers all different customer bases. Using Voxeo, companies can address their entire customer base, not just the next generation of smartphone and tablet users. The platform supports multichannel interactions and context awareness as customers move between channels.

"There's a category in the market for enterprise application platforms or mobile development application platforms, but this is really more than that," says Goebel. "Voxeo is focusing not only on next-generation, very text-savvy, or smartphone users, but [we're] not forgetting about the millions or even billions of older feature phones out there. This is positioning us as the only vendor that helps companies address all of their customer bases. A lot of the mobile players today don't come from the contact center space so they don't know what it means to integrate with the call center. We come from the call center space with our IVR background, so we know how to bridge the context gap that exists today between mobile customer care apps and the contact center."

"Companies might not be hyperaware of the customer experience," says Kim Martin, director of marketing at Voxeo. "We believe that the ability to have mobile apps integrate with the contact center is beneficial to the company for customer loyalty and bottom line costs. Voxeo has always been about making it easy to deliver a great customer experience over whatever channel is [being used]."

Voxeo CXP 13 enhancements include:

  • an optimized, native-like browsing experience on the mobile Web channel, leveraging CSS-based themed designs, state-of-the-art widget types, page transitions, and more, with cross-browser and cross-device support;
  • dedicated channel views and channel-specific object browsing, enabling developers to focus on one communication channel at a time;
  • an integrated HTML5 code editor;
  • new widget objects for easier development of mobile Web pages;
  • easy testing of mobile Web apps via QR codes and an embedded device simulator allowing flexible application preview in selected screen dimensions; and
  • integration with Google Analytics, including reports on device and browser types, as well as customer behavior and task completion.

Voxeo CXP also offers:

Patent-pending Hotspot Analytics inside the integrated development environment, making it easier for developers to make application changes based on production data that was previously only available deep inside business user and administrator reports. By highlighting data and key performance indicators within the application dialog flow, developers can spot potential areas for improvement and take immediate action to optimize self-service.

An enhanced Business User Interface that provides nontechnical users with the ability to change and update components of live applications instantly, without involving an application developer or system administrator. Configurable parameters are determined by the developer and controlled by business rules. Common examples include managing hours of operation and call routes related to call transfers from your IVR; customizing messages; adding special announcements or marketing campaigns to your Web apps; and deactivating menu items in your IVR, Interactive Text Response (ITR), or Web app.

Voxeo CXP can be deployed on-premises or in Voxeo's global cloud. Free trials can be found at the company's Web site.

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