Beyond Verbal Technology Decodes Human Emotions Through Raw Voice

Israeli software developer Beyond Verbal yesterday launched patented technology that can extract, decode, and measure a full spectrum of human emotions from a person's raw voice.

Beyond Verbal's technology was founded on 18 years of research by physicists and neuropsychologists who studied more than 60,000 test subjects in 26 languages. Bundled into the company's software are emotional detection engines that allow devices and applications to understand an individuals' mood, attitude, and decision-making characteristics as he speaks.

"Nearly two decades of research tells us that it's not what someone says, but how they say it, that tells the full story," said Yuval Mor, CEO of Beyond Verbal, in a statement. "Beyond Verbal has the potential to impact numerous multibillion-dollar verticals and leverage a new market of emotionally enhanced applications installed in any voice-enabled, voice-activated, or voice-controlled device. This opens up a new dimension of emotional understanding, called emotions analytics, giving humans and machines the ability to react in ways that were never before possible."

Beyond Verbal licenses its technology for partnerships in the fields of consumer applications, devices, appliances, and software. The first third-party mobile app using its application programming interface is set to launch soon, while the company is preparing to launch a Web tool where people can use the platform to analyze voices.

Beyond Verbal's capabilities open up a yet uncharted field of emotions analytics," said Kenges Rakishev, one os several angel investors who contributed $2.8 million in funding to Beyond Verbal, in a statement. "This is an exciting venture to anyone interested in artificial intelligence and in the future of human interactions."

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