SpeechTrans Launches Surfi

SpeechTrans has releases its first natural language processing Windows 8 application, called Surfi, which combines artificial intelligence, Bing search, and Amazon shopping, all controlled by Nuance speech recognition.

Surfi is an artificial intelligence answer engine that runs on Windows 8 and Windows RT, and was designed and funded in part by Microsoft. Users can ask Surfi any question via Nuance speech recognition and Surfi will respond instantly, accurately, and with a natural-sounding spoken voice. The company said that there is no need to type Web searches, shopping inquiries, or Wikipedia searches. Users can say what they're looking for and Surfi will instantly bring it up and speak back the results. In addition, Surfi can also process Amazon shopping. Users can say the specific item they would like to purchase, and Surfi will open up an Amazon Web page with that product on it.

Surfi also integrates directly with Bing search, so if there is something she does not yet "know," she will open up a Bing Web search and answer instantly. Additionally, Surfi integrates with social media through the Windows Share Charm.

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