WonderVoice Launches Voice-Activated Location Technology

WonderVoice, a mobile solution that enables voice-activated personal assistants, has integrated touchless location sharing into its iOS app. Using Glympse, a location sharing service provider, users can now post their whereabouts to Facebook via voice activation.

Cue up the WonderVoice app by stating "Send a Glympse to Bryan." From there, the intelligent voice assistant will ask for the amount of time that one is comfortable sharing. By stating 'my current location only,' '30 minutes,' etc. the app will share the location with Bryan as a personal message via Facebook Chat/Messenger.

Glympse location sharing can be added to any Facebook activity, sending and receiving chat messages, status updates, and even while commenting on a post.

"We designed our platform to allow innovative companies to easily incorporate location technology into their own apps and services," said Timo Bauer, vice president of business development at Glympse, in a statement. "WonderVoice is helping to bring voice technology to the mainstream, and we are excited to have Glympse technology included within their app."

In addition to its location-sharing capabilities through its partnership with Glympse, the WonderVoice app features full interaction with Facebook content by delivering news feeds, chat, messages and music, as well as the capability to create user status updates, like posts, determine who's online and more. WonderVoice also allows users to command the app to play Facebook friends' music from YouTube and Spotify.

"We continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to help people interact with their apps while on the go and to serve as a voice controlled hub for social networking, music, parking and now location sharing," said Gal Melamed, WonderVoice founder and CEO, in a statement. "People on the go constantly face the need to say 'I'm late' or 'Where are you?" With WonderVoice they can share their locations with Facebook friends while using simple voice commands without lifting a finger, eliminating the need to send a text or make a phone call."

WonderVoice is available to users in the U.S. and Canada for 99 cents in the iTunes App Store for use on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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