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ChatGPT Solves Some Translation Conundrums

Outstanding automatic translation at everyone's fingertips is getting closer.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement Will Translate to Big Profits

Voice-to-voice translation is one of the most potentially lucrative uses for voice cloning technology.

The Future of Dubbing: Automatic Media Voice Translation

Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era in translation.

Voice Cloning: A Breakthrough with Boundless Potential

Get ready for a set of technologies that could revolutionize human communication.

7 Ways to Avoid Code Rework for Language Translation

Code is logical, organized. Unfortunately for developers, language is less so.

Speech Technology’s Next Frontier: Developing Countries

Low-resource languages in South Africa and elsewhere are finally catching the attention of speech tech developers.

Are ASR Engines Ready for Machine Translation?

Speech recognition has come a long way, but even minor errors can make a big difference.

Speech Technology Can Help Revive Indigenous Languages

Speech-to-speech translation can make education, media, and business more linguistically inclusive.

Speech Technology in the Midst of the Coronavirus

This is the time for speech technology—and all online communication technologies—to leap into action

A Speech Translation Evangelist on the Business Opportunities in an Interconnected World

Entrepreneur Jeffry Williams, CEO of Worldwide Tech Connections, sees big challenges, and even bigger opportunities for speech tech providers, in the need to tackle the translation requirements of today's business climate.

Tradeshow Speech Accessories Translate Into Winning Event Marketing

Speech translation apps are a game changer for international sales

Speech Translation Requires an Interface Revolution

Translation software has to cover our endless modes of communication

Speech Translation Helps Multilingual Conferences Express Themselves

New technology means that speech translation is quicker, more accurate, and cheaper than ever—and international conference goers will reap the benefits

Speech Solutions Can Translate into Better Medical Care

Speech translation technology can help non-native-speaker and hearing-impaired patients navigate the medical experience

Speech Technology Can Make the Boardroom Accessible to All

Workplaces must be opened up to those who are hearing-, sight-, and physically impaired. The speech industry can help lead the way.

Multimedia Tech Support Translates to Great Experiences

Video, screen-sharing, and text and voice translation will be game-changers

Facial Analysis Unites With Speech Technology to Gauge Human Emotion

A new application will be able to measure how people react to a message

Automated Speech Translation: Think Global, Speak Local

Automatic translation, speech recognition, and text-to-speech make doing business abroad a lot less daunting

Speech Industry Sets a Precedent for the Deaf-Blind Community

Technology is working to replace what the human ear and eye have lost

WebRTC Enables Dual-Language Speech

Anticipating the powerful impact of cross-language talking.

Narrowing the Call Center Language Gap

Simultaneous interpretation tools save time and money.

Mobile Device Translations Get in the Game

An interview with a sports industry speech evangelist.

Voice Translation Hits Its Stride

Cross-language communication is globalizing business and affecting the world.

Speech Solutions for Media Makers

Speed-reading subtitles translate to lower cost, improved experience

Blasts Heard Round the Globe

Smart marketers are getting personal.

Speech-to-Text Gives Higher Education a Global Boost

New technology makes the world a little smaller.

Automated Translation Saves Thousands

But proper implementation requires meticulous preparation

Global Presentations Using TTS And Automated Translation

It's the future of sales materials, worldwide customer support, and corporate media

The Global Transition

Many problems can be solved with a little precoding analysis.

TTS Finds Global Media

With new markets come new uses for the technology.

Cutting the Cost of Translation

Plan for translation early in the design process.

Internationalize, Don't Localize

Think twice before pigeonholing an application in just one language.

Is Machine Translation Ready for You?

Software is good for some tasks, but the results can be fun for others.

The Hidden Revenue in Translation

English-only systems are out of touch with modern global realities.

Preparing for Localization

Taking steps in advance means constructing versatile systems.