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Tye Pemberton is a freelance writer based in Linwood, N.J. He can be reached at

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Market Spotlight: Opportunities Abound for Speech in Factories

While the trend of U.S. manufacturing in the past half-century has not been encouraging, the sector is now experiencing a bump. This signals an opportunity for vendors supplying speech technology to the manufacturing industry.

The 2017 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Speech Developer Platforms

Finding a Voice in the IoT

The 2017 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Speech Engines

Harnessing Machine Learning

LumenVox Releases Version 15.1

LumenVox adds German, additional enhancements with Version 15.1 of its speech engine.

MindMeld Launches Deep-Domain Conversational AI

MindMeld's Conversational AI platform simplifies onboarding and integration to other applications, like Siri and Cortana.

The Internet of Things: A New Evolution for Speech Technology

The onslaught of connected devices will shape the next frontier in customer engagement

DialogTech Launches Conversation Insight 2.0, Powered by Nuance Transcription Engine

DialogTech's newest version of Conversation Insight offers increased speed and accuracy.

Nexmo Launches Voice API with Vonage

Nexmo's next-generation Voice APIs will help developers add TTS, call control, conferencing, call recording, and more, to their communications apps.

The 2016 Speech Industry Star Performers: Aspect

The 2016 Speech Industry Star Performers: Nuance

TouchCommerce Partners with Nuance for TouchAssist

TouchAssist blends TouchCommerce's chat and virtual assistant technology with Nuance's Nina and natural language understanding technology.

CallMiner Releases New Eureka Analytics Engine

The latest version of CallMiner Eureka offers improved speech recognition and reporting.

Can Visual IVRs Shift Popular Opinion in Speech Tech’s Favor?

Adding a visual component can keep end users happy, but the type of solution a company chooses will depend on its size and needs

KnuEdge Launches with Voice Authentication Software

Startup KnuEdge has come out of stealth mode with a military-grade commercial voice authentication software called KnuVerse.

Nuance Launches the Nuance Transcription Engine

Nuance Transcription Engine is capable of translating a minute of audio into text in six seconds.

SYSTRAN Releases Translation APIs

The APIs enable companies to conduct translations among more than 100 language pairs.

Ubiquitous Voice Society Expands into Nine New Chapters Worldwide

The UVS opens four additional chapters in the United States, one in Canada, two in Europe, and one in northern Africa. Partners with Slack to Add Natural Language Understanding to Chatbots for Slack lets developers create conversational chat bots that can understand user intent.

IBM Makes Watson TTS More Expressive

IBM makes its Watson Text to Speech API more human-sounding by drawing on more than 40 hours of speech to tag utterances.

Nuance Releases Dragon Medical One Dictation Platform

The new cloud-based solution brings greater access and beefed-up analytics.

The 2016 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Contact Center Outsourcing

The 2016 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Speech Engine